Millwood Farm


Millwood is nestled in the valley of Red Oak and Besse Belle Mountains at the edge of the village of Woodville.

Established in 1837 it once had a mill as well as a gold mine. The farm is now the center of a conservation breeding program for Native American horses and is the stud farm for our horses.

The horses, also known as Spanish mustangs or Colonial Spanish horses are descended from the 15th & 16th century Spanish horses brought to the Americas and developed by the 5 Civilized tribes across the southeast from Florida to Oklahoma and Texas.

The core horses in our breeding program are Choctaw, Cherokee, & Chickasaw horses with some Comanche and western lines.

We field breed and field birth. Each of the paddocks contains a stallion and one or more mares.

Our stallions are very friendly but they ARE stallions and in a breeding situation can be protective of their herd.

Several of the mares are nursing summer foals and will be very protective of them.

The breeding operation and stud farm at Millwood operates in conjunction with the development of the young horses at Windsor Lodge Farm in Flint Hill.


4733 Sperryville Pike / Woodville, VA

  • Millwood is located on Route 522 on the southern edge of Woodville.
  • It is 5 miles south of Sperryville and 15 miles north of Culpeper.