We will be located at Greenfield both days of the Farm Tour weekend from 11-5.

We will also be serving paellas at The Farm at Sunnyside from 3-5 on Sunday with two types of paella: Paella de Verduras (Vegan with Seasonal Vegetables from Sunnyside) and a Paella Mixta (Chicken, Chorizo, and Vegetables).


New Iberia is the brain child of three generations of family who share a common goal: to feed good people, real good food. We are more than a food truck, we are an ideology. We are born out of a system of ideas where there is little more important than family, good food, and supporting your local farmer.

We have a small farm in Rappahannock County where we raise the happiest pigs you have ever met. We value the work of the American farmer and we want to share how accessible this is. The local farmers we source from have a passion for their craft and care about the quality of the product they put out.

Visit us at https://www.newiberiatruck.com/