Bean Hollow Grassfed

Bean Hollow Grassfed @ Over Jordan Farm operates on the premise that grazing livestock can be a profitable way to heal the land. We like to tell folks “we grow carbon, grass and meat”. With approximately 100 ewes, their lambs, 10-15 cattle, several pigs, and a couple of goats, it sometimes feels like a 3 ring circus!

Bean Hollow Grassfed uses a system of grazing all the sheep, goats and cattle together in a “flerd”. The animals are grazed on small temporary parcels and moved every 1-4 days, creating greater plant utilization and longer recovery periods for the pastures.  Over time, this enhances the soil health and plant diversity. Our goal is to extend our grazing season to a year round practice.  We’re not there yet, but we’re getting closer.

Working with the Piedmont Environmental Council and the Smithsonian’s Virginia Working Landscapes, we are monitoring a broad number of soil and plant characteristics; along with bird and pollinator populations.

Our sheep are certified Animal Welfare Approved and AWA Grassfed
Lamb and pork is available in sampler packs or in whole or half carcasses

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Weekend Schedule:

We will move sheep from one daily paddock to another at 11am each day


15 Over Jordan Farm Ln / Flint Hill, VA 22627

  • From Hwy 522 in Flint Hill, take Fodderstack Rd 1.4 miles to Dearing Rd.
  • Turn right on Dearing Rd to Bean Hollow Rd (dirt).
  • Turn left on Bean Hollow and take the first right on Over Jordan Farm Lane to Bean Hollow Grassfed.