Serendipity Equine


Serendipity Equine is a 501c3 organization where horses and humans prosper by working together. Serendipity provides educational and equine-assisted therapy and responds to the growing need for rescue and rehabilitations. Horses are gently rehabilitated and then trained for participation in Serendipity
programs or rehomed according to each horse’s unique needs. Every horse and every person has a place and purpose in one of Serendipity’s programs, which include therapeutic horsemanship, Liberty training, mounted archery, equine-assisted learning, working equitation, and dressage lessons.

Serendipity Equine was founded in February 2019 when the U.S. Army transferred the Lanham family from Fort Polk to Aberdeen Proving Grounds. The Lanhams purchased a 73 acre property in Rappahannock, Virginia that has structures dating from 1737. This historic property had been unused for a decade prior to the Lanham’s purchase and had fallen into a state of significant disrepair. In the three years since moving in, the Lanhams have restored the abandoned farm into a working barn that has already served more than 30 horses and 40 students with the help of 30+ volunteers.

Serendipity Equine is committed to serving our entire community by providing Liberty and mounted archery team membership, working equitation and dressage lessons, and all therapy programs at the lowest possible fees or even free of charge for those in need.

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162 Rollins Ford Road, Amissville, VA 20106

  • From 211 turn onto Waterloo Road and then a left onto Rollins Ford Road. Do not go down the gravel road on the right, stay to left on the paved road.
  • You will pass two ponds on your right, the driveway is the next on the right.
  • You will have to come through a locked gate, please relock when you finish entering.
  • Park at the top parking lot and then make your way down to the blue barn.