The Rappahannock County Annual Farm Tour is a free, two-day, self-guided tour offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse of our working farms. Rappahannock County's early settlers were small farmers; officially founded in 1833, it has long been deeply rooted in agriculture. The mission of the Rappahannock County Farm Tour is to present an unforgettable, educational and enriching experience of Rappahannock County's (Agri)Culture.

Saturday 9/23 from 10-5 || Sunday 9/24 from 11-5

2016 Farm Tour Chair, Molly M. Peterson

2016 Farm Tour Chair, Molly M. Peterson

April 8, 2016

Dear Farm Tour Visitor,

Sitting at the desk of our county’s Historical Society recently took me on a little journey through our agricultural history.  What was big around here in the “good old days”? Apples: and lots of ‘em! Our apples were shipped overseas during WWI to feed the troops. They were a favorite of Queen Victoria in England after the Civil War, and the apple industry employed a lot of people for quite some time. There were other crops, too, of course: tobacco, sheep/wool, cattle, sorghum, and grains. And while the landscape has changed over the years and we see far fewer apple trees dotting our rolling horizons, what still seems to be intact is the spirit and love of agriculture in Rappahannock County.

See, the neat thing about those who live agriculturally is that they truly love it. Farming is work that has long, hard days -- but it also teaches patience, humility, and the kindness of neighbors. Farming is work that can nourish a family and a community and where one can interact with nature at every waking moment. It creates a sense of awe and wonder in a child watching a plant grow from seed to food, and it can keep open spaces green and thriving, to be admired across generations. Farming can be the most soul-crushing and the most soul-fulfilling career there is...and often both extremes in the same day! But season after season, we who choose to accept the community task of feeding our neighbors wake up with a resilient and hopeful heart. We step onto our soil as the sun kisses the Earth for another day in this beautiful and complicated yet simple career we call farming.

I’m so excited to share my neighborhood with you on this year for the 8th Annual Rappahannock County Farm Tour. We welcome you to our homes, to share in the wonder of agriculture, and to take home in your heart a little piece of Rappahannock.

And then we hope you’ll come visit us again, and bring your friends. The (Agri)Culture in Rappahannock County is strong (and delicious) and we consider ourselves fortunate to live and work in a uniquely creative and welcoming community nestled against the Shenandoah National Park. We care for the Planet Earth the best way we know how: by tending to it with our hearts and our hands.

The 2016 Farm Tour Committee has a lot planned for you with even more on the way. Please reach out if you have any questions about our weekend celebrating Rappahannock County’s (Agri)Culture. We’ll see you in September!


Molly M. Peterson | Photographer & Farmer | Sperryville, Virginia

Archival photos supplied by Rappahannock Historical Society
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